Thursday, February 2, 2017

Aurora Austriaco Failed To Pay Her Property Taxes, Can't Be Trusted With Ours

Back when Aurora Austriaco was running for State Representative (she lost, of course), a major issue was raised about her fitness for office.  What was that issue? might think the whole pay-for-play thing with convicted Governor Rod Blagojevich might be a problem.  It was.  But that's not what we're talking about here.  Was it the fact that she missed so many meetings for the City of Park Ridge that they had to replace her on the Planning and Zoning Commission?  Well...that's not a good example for a public servant to lead, but that, too isn't the issue in question.

What was a big issue was the fact that Aurora Austriaco owned two homes.  One in Park Ridge.  And another in the city of Chicago.  And guess what?  She failed to pay her property taxes on her Chicago lakefront condo.

If Aurora can't even be bothered to pay her property taxes, is that the same kind of cavalier attitude she's going to bring to dealing with all of OUR property taxes on the school board?  Just take a look at your property tax bill.  Where do the biggest portions go to?  The schools.

And now someone who can't be bothered to pay their taxes on time wants to control all of ours?  Please.  We can do so much better than Aurora Austriaco for Maine Township School District 207.

Here's the mail piece to prove it all.  This was mailed to voters during Aurora's other losing campaign.


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