Monday, February 27, 2017

Aurora Austriaco Claimed Victory Once? #FakeNews #Sad

This is too rich.  Seriously, too rich.  Aurora Austriaco ran for State Representative a while back (and that's where most of this opposition research has come from, btw.  We didn't make any of this stuff up, it is freely available out there online, you just have to look for it!).

Anyway, Aurora Austriaco must have thought that she was going to win handily because she was crowing about her big win to some weird media outlets and they got the story totally wrong.

Under the title of: "1st Filam to win Illinois assembly seat" in an outlet called the "Manilla Mail" there's a news piece that is totally fabricated and just flat out wrong.  As the current parlance goes:  "sad.".

From the piece:
Aurora Abella Austriaco, a Filipino American, made history in here by becoming the first Asian American to be elected to the state legislature. 
What made her success even sweeter is that this 43-year-old lawyer unseated an incumbent Republican state representative who served the district for eight terms by winning 59% of the votes cast. She was earlier wrongly reported as having lost the election. 
In her 17 years as a real estate litigation attorney and as a certified mediator, Austriaco has devoted herself to serving the children, elderly, women and minority population of the state.  She lost.  And lost bad.

She was trounced and only picked up 38% of the vote in her adopted hometown of Park Ridge.  

When you go to the polling place in Park Ridge and Des Plaines.  Just remember:  we've already said 'no' to Aurora Austriaco.  Say 'no' again this Spring for Maine Township District 207 School Board.


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