Monday, January 30, 2017

Aurora Austriaco - Missed over 30% of Her Park Ridge Committee Meetings

Aurora Austriaco was once on the Park Ridge Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  If you know how local governments operate, you know that committee meetings - which usually take place on Tuesday or Wednesday nights in meeting rooms aren't glamourous.  They're usually lightly attended.  And they're long and difficult.

But, those are the meetings where the actual government gets work done.  Serious work done.

Most communities - including Park Ridge - have a mix of elected officials and citizens that have been appointed to the committees attend and are usually guided by some professional staff.

Aurora Austriaco was on an important committee:  the Planning and Zoning Commission.

But, she missed over 30% of the meetings.  And they fired her for not showing up.

Check out the meeting minutes here.
And now, she wants to be on the Maine Township 207 School Board?  We don't need her to show up for that job.

Back to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Here's how the City of Park Ridge describes the Commission/Committee:

And, back in 2013, Aurora Austriaco sought a renewal of her membership to this committee.  Unfortunately, for her, the City of Park Ridge, asked each of the candidates that night if they agreed with the idea that it was critical for board members to attend 'at least 75% of meetings'.  Aurora Austriaco agreed.

Here's a screenshot of the minutes of that meeting below.  You can see it for yourself here on the City of Park Ridge site.    They then asked her why she missed so many meetings?  And then fired her from the job for simply not showing up.

Being on the Maine Township School Board is a serious job.  Not for someone who is looking out for themselves.  And has a history of being a no-show for public service.

One has to wonder, why did Aurora Austriaco not show up to so many meetings?  We already talked about the pay-to-play scheme that former Governor Rod Blagojevich ran and how Aurora's law firm gave over $100K to Blago and had more than $1M in state contracts.  Was she too busy wine'ing and dining politicians to show up to do the people's work?


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